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At KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES, legal expertise and service excellence serve as our ethos. We have maintained a credible reputation in offering consultation across legal disciplines for over 50 years in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.

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Expertise Across Legal Disciplines

KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES is a leading PAKISTAN-based law firm with the best local and international legal consultants representing clients in personal matters and business matters. Our services are anchored in offering strategic legal advice that yield a favorable outcome.

Committing to growth and innovation, we aim to expand our services and expertise across the globe while refining our capabilities with the evolving technologies across Pakistan.

Tradition of Excellence

Co-founded by Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa, KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES has cultivated a fantastic reputation for excellence over a collective experience of over 50 years being practicing advocate. Since inception, KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES has worked towards the purpose of excelling in all the legal forefronts with zealous client representation and expert advice in all legal matters and business continuance in the best interest of the objective.

Our two-fold impetus is to bring innovation in the legal practice with community leadership and skills for addressing our clients’ concerns.

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Our Expertise

Sectors & Industries

KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES has nationally & internationally recognized practices
in a wide spectrum of industries.

Setting benchmarks for legal excellence


At KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES, we believe in diversity. We are a close-knit family of local, foreign,
and multilingual attorneys and lawyers who have a passion for working with the experience of legal traditions of the world.

Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa
Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Sardar Shahbaz Ali Khan Khosa
Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Barrister Sehar Khosa
Advocate High Court
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