Why Us

Why Choose KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES as your Legal Partner?

Expertise Across Legal Disciplines

KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES is a leading PAKISTAN-based law firm with the best local and international legal consultants representing clients in personal matters and business matters. Our services are anchored in offering strategic legal advice that yield a favorable outcome.

Committing to growth and innovation, we aim to expand our services and expertise across the globe while refining our capabilities with the evolving technologies across Pakistan.

Tradition of Excellence

Co-founded by Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa, KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES has cultivated a fantastic reputation for excellence over a collective experience of over 50 years being practicing advocate. Since inception, KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES has worked towards the purpose of excelling in all the legal forefronts with zealous client representation and expert advice in all legal matters and business continuance in the best interest of the objective.

Our two-fold impetus is to bring innovation in the legal practice with community leadership and skills for addressing our clients’ concerns.

Value Driven

Diversity is the core aspect of what we are and how we work - KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES Law Firm devolves on the principles of inclusion and diversity. It portrays a varied reflection of our society where we promote leadership and individuals.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated high standards in ethics, and work in a timely and efficient manner to provide clients with the best legal advice possible.


Committing itself to leveraging technology for building amazing client experiences, and empowering greater efficiency, KHOSA LAW ASSOCIATES aims to become globally first smart-law firm!

Using technology to thrive in our mechanism, we now:

  • Conduct virtual meeting for nimble, efficient consultation.
  • Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) into legal operation.
  • Work with a robust CRM software to store and streamline information.
  • Support clients with our official web-based access to their cases through all honorable High Courts to honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.



At Khosa Law Associate our corporate lawyers are specialised in assisting your business with the legal needs it has. From drafting agreements to corporate disputes our wealth of experience will lend your business the cutting edge it requires to stay ahead of the competition. If you are facing any issues regarding the drafting of an agreement or if there is a dispute over an agreement our lawyers can assist you.

Talk to us today, there’s no cost for our consultation.

What services do you provide as a Corporate Lawyer?

At Khosa Law Associate, we provide businesses with the following services:-

  • Advising on local and regional deals
  • Joint Ventures
  • Share and Business acquisitions and disposals
  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Privatisation and mergers
  • Schemes of reconstruction and amalgamation
  • Capital restructuring
  • Private Equity Investments
  • Compliance advisory services for capital markets
  • Fintech advisory

How can we assist you?

Our lawyers are experienced professionals who can create creative yet practical and bespoke solutions to your commercial problems. We can assist you in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, memorandums, term sheets, transaction agreements and other legal documents.

We go the extra mile to understand your business and what the deal means to you. We have assisted in a multitude of companies in their corporate law needs from SMEs to MNCs, private and listed companies.Contact Us today if you require assistance.

How can we assist with your M&A Deal?

We understand that each M&A deal is unique and complex, therefore, we bring to the table professionals with a multitude of experiences such as tax, employment, real estate and intellectual property.

We provide support from the start of the deal to the conclusion of the deal. From assisting initial negotiations and advising on the structure of the deal, to preparing the necessary documents and also post-deal support. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to help you achieve practical, yet cost-effective solutions for your matters.

Can you help me with our Capital Markets and Corporate Governance?

Yes, we can assist you by providing legal advisory services in relation to the SGX and also Corporate Governance.

Can you advise me on Funds related legal issues?

We can assist you by providing legal advisory services and drafting of legal documentation in relation to both open-end and closed-end funds that employ various trading strategies.

Can you advise me on Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

Having advised market leaders in the Fintech and Cryptocurrency space, we are well-positioned to advise and assist you with the complex and unique problems that you may face and help you navigate deals and compliance issues smoothly.

Having a Contract drafted is expensive, can I use a template?

While using a template of a contract online can save you money, the problem arises when the contract does not adequately protect your business needs and interest.

Some contracts found online may be outdated and irrelevant as it does not take into consideration Singapore Law or the developments in the law.

Furthermore using a template agreement online without properly understanding the terms may make your duty and obligations under the contract onerous.

At Emerald Law, our lawyers have seen many clients who have used poorly drafted contracts or contracts that they do not understand the implications of which they have signed; this has led them into costly lawsuits. We strongly believe that you should have someone legally trained and specialised in corporate law review and advise you on your rights and obligations before you sign on an agreement/contract.

Can you help facilitate my deal through negotiations?

Negotiations are the process where parties can discuss their disputes with a view of attempting to resolve the matter amicably. Typically this is done on a Without Prejudice basis. We have seen the merits of avoiding a costly lawsuit and believe that negotiations are a valuable avenue to explore in any dispute. We can assist to identify the potential risks and disputes to your deal to protect your rights and help pre-empt any disputes which will save you unnecessary legal costs in the future.

By engaging our services, we will be able to provide you with legal insight into whether any proposals made are fair and reasonable.